Root Canal Therapy in Kirkland, WA

A root canal is a standard dental treatment that removes infected or damaged tooth pulp. At Prime Endodontics, these procedures are typically recommended when a tooth is cracked or has suffered severe decay. If bacteria extend to the inner soft tissue of the tooth (called the pulp), a root canal is likely needed to return dental function and prevent extraction. A root canal is a common therapy offered at Prime Endodontics to eradicate infected and inflamed tissues and to enhance oral wellness. In some cases, we may employ the GentleWave® procedure, an advanced technique that cleans the most intricate areas of the root canal system

Patients can rest assured that the process is completely painless and is similar to a standard filling. At Prime Endodontics, our team offers sedation options to further boost patient relaxation. If you suffer from a severely painful or abscessed tooth, call our Kirkland, WA practice soon to discover the health perks of specialized root canal treatment.


Modern solutions are utilized to help increase an individual's relaxation throughout a root canal. At our Kirkland, WA facility, root canals are carried out under local anesthesia and can be offered jointly with sedation techniques to produce additional relaxation. When the tooth is numbed, a covering will be set to protect the patient's teeth and gums. The affected region will then be accessed via a tiny opening made in the upper part of the tooth. The pulp, which comprises the nervous tissues and blood supply inside of the tooth, is then removed, and the inner root canal will be reshaped utilizing special endodontic instruments before being thoroughly disinfected. Root canals are then sealed and the tooth is restored to provide full and normal function.

Our team might utilize different contemporary disinfection technologies, including the GentleWave system, a modern alternative to conventional root canal therapy. Current techniques combine fluid dynamics and a broad spectrum of sound waves to predictably eliminate bacteria, debris, and tissue, significantly decreasing the risk of future complications.

Root canal therapy at Prime Endodontics provides Kirkland, WA patients who have significant tooth decay and pain with a solution to save a tooth from extraction. This endodontic procedure will help reduce constant pain and restore the tooth's normal function. Benefits of root canal therapy include:

  • Saves an infected tooth from extraction
  • Alleviates the toothache
  • Removes infected and inflamed pulp
  • Eliminates tooth sensitivity
  • Prevents further infection
  • Enhances the appearance of the tooth

Tooth pain is no fun. After my regular dentist had trouble locating an Endodontist that could help me in a timely manner, I called Prime Endodontics in Kirkland. Dr. Cohenca and his staff were wonderful. The office manager was efficient and friendly, the dental assistant, Ciera, was very skilled and proficient, and Dr. Cohenca was friendly, very skillful, and took care of my quite painful root canal in short order. He even called me to be sure I was okay. All in all, a very good experience. If necessary, I’ll be back!

S.M. Google

Dr. Trinh from Totem Lake Dental referred me to Prime Endodontics for a root canal. Granted, I haven't had one in 20 or so years and boy has technology advanced greatly. From scheduling to procedure to post-op phone call, everything was just a phenomenal experience. So much so that I haven't stopped recommending them to my coworkers and anyone I come in contact with! Dr. Shahd Nawari was my endodontist and she did an excellent job. Going back to work the next day, I didn't need to take additional ibuprofen to get through the day. I can even eat on that side, just not hard or sticky stuff until I get my permanent crown. All in all, I am very very happy with Dr. Nawari and her staff. If I ever need any work that requires an endodontist, I'd come here. Thanks again to Dr. Nawari and the staff for making my root canal procedure a wonderful experience.

M.D. Google

My root canal treatment was clean and nice, I didn’t feel any pressure through the procedure. I only need to have one visit and I didn’t feel significant pain during the afterward one week. Now I’m good to go for dental crown. The experience is really great!

Y.C. Google

I am delighted to share my experience. Dr. Cohenca performed a root canal Treatment From the moment I arrived, the care and attention provided by the entire team were outstanding. Dr. Cohenca ensured that I was comfortable and well-informed throughout the procedure. The pre-operative care was thorough, making me feel at ease and confident in the treatment plan. I highly recommend Dr. Cohenca and their practice to anyone seeking top-notch dental care. Their dedication to patient comfort and successful outcomes is truly commendable.

S.M. Google

I am ready to sing ODES to Dr. Cohenca and his assistant!!! Had a treatment to root canal - and it was ABSOLUTELY CRAZY SATISFYING!!!!! As we all know tooth treatment not the most pleasant procedure... But! Experience in Prime Endodontics was incredibly amazing!!! Service was on highest level!!! Blanket, earphones, attention to details, following up and see how you’re doing, a bunch of hi tech dentist supplies I've never see and never heard - it was like trip to space ship :) I really appreciated to Dr. Cohenca!!! Highly recommended!!! And again - HIGLY RECOMENDED!!!

V.A. Google


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Cracked and abscessed teeth could cause any number of dental and overall health issues if neglected or not taken care of. Nevertheless, owing to advances in modern dental care, including the advanced GentleWave technique, a root canal offered at Prime Endodontics may be a good approach to restoring your tooth, as well as your smile. Contact our Kirkland, WA practice to arrange a visit with our team, and learn more about our approach to root canal treatment.

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