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A specialized field of dentistry, pediatric endodontics focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of dental issues affecting the pulp (the soft tissue inside the teeth) of children and adolescents. The pulp contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue, and when it's damaged or infected, it can cause significant pain and lead to further complications if not treated properly. Prime Endodontics specializes in advanced treatment techniques to protect and restore the health of teeth affected by decay. Early detection allows our team to treat children and infants with less invasive and complex treatments. Pediatric endodontics may require intricate procedures, such as a pulpotomy, or the removal of the diseased portion of the pulp; a pulpectomy, or the complete removal of the pulp from a tooth; and root canal therapy, which involves cleaning and sealing the canals of a tooth. Another innovative procedure often required in young patients is pulp revascularization of infected pulps. This novel approach aims at regenerating the inner soft tissue to allow further development of the tooth and restore health.

Our goal at Prime Endodontics aims to preserve the pulp whenever possible, prevent further infection, and maintain proper oral health in young patients. Given the unique needs of children, these procedures require a gentle approach and special training to ensure comfort and success. Schedule a consultation with our endodontic team at our Kirkland, WA practice to learn more about the options available for your child.

Pediatric endodontics, particularly root canal therapy, involves several steps to address issues with the pulp and nerve tissue of a child's tooth. First, our team will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area targeted for treatment and ensure your child is as comfortable as possible. Then, we will create a small hole in the affected tooth. This hole allows our endodontist to carefully remove the infected pulp and nerve tissue, which is often the source of pain. After removing the damaged tissue, the area is thoroughly cleaned and then filled with a biocompatible material to seal the space. A dental crown or filling may be placed over the treated tooth for protection. It's important to note that even baby teeth can benefit from root canal therapy when necessary.

Pediatric endodontics offers several advantages for children who need dental care for damaged or infected teeth. The procedures are tailored to address unique needs and alleviate concerns that both children and parents might have. The benefits of pediatric endodontics include:

  • Pain relief: Pediatric root canal treatments effectively remove the source of pain caused by decay or trauma, providing relief for the child.
  • Tooth preservation: The procedures save natural teeth that might otherwise need to be extracted, which helps maintain proper oral function and alignment.
  • Comfortable experience: Children's treatments are typically less uncomfortable than adults due to their smaller teeth and jaw structure. Additionally, pediatric endodontists use various methods, including local and general anesthesia, to ensure a comfortable experience.
  • Behavior management: Pediatric endodontists are trained to work with children and use techniques to help them stay calm and cooperative during procedures.
  • Functional restoration: The treated teeth are often restored with crowns or fillings that match the size and shape of the child's natural teeth, preserving their smile and oral function.
  • Early intervention: Early treatment of severe cavities or trauma can prevent future complications and maintain overall oral health.

I am delighted to share my experience. Dr. Cohenca performed a root canal Treatment From the moment I arrived, the care and attention provided by the entire team were outstanding. Dr. Cohenca ensured that I was comfortable and well-informed throughout the procedure. The pre-operative care was thorough, making me feel at ease and confident in the treatment plan. I highly recommend Dr. Cohenca and their practice to anyone seeking top-notch dental care. Their dedication to patient comfort and successful outcomes is truly commendable.

S.M. Google

Dr. Cohenca might look like a regular endodontist, but in reality he is a magician. Knowledgeable and personable, he created a great atmosphere. With expert hands, he delivers the best dentist experience that you can live through. The staff lives up to the expectations and the office gives you a sense of harmony. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Dr.

C.O. Yelp

I have no words enough to say how wonderful he is, very gentle, professional, is an incredible human and good heart. Simply the best in the world.!

D.C. Google

We had the greatest experience with Dr Cohenca. He explained everything ahead so clearly and kept giving details during the treatment, so my daughter felt calm and relaxed. The stuff is friendly and supportive, Loved this place, surely recommend it

I.O. Google

Entire process was quick, professional and better than expected. Thank you Dr. Cohenca and your entire team.

S.K. Google


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If your child is experiencing dental pain or you're concerned about tooth decay or damage, contact Prime Endodontics for specialized guidance. Our team is dedicated to providing gentle, effective treatments tailored for young patients. We ensure a comfortable environment and use the latest techniques to treat dental issues early, preserving your child's natural smile. Schedule a consultation with us today at our Kirkland, WA practice to learn how we can help protect your child's oral health now and into the future.

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