Intracoronal Bleaching in Kirkland, WA

Intracoronal bleaching, also known as internal bleaching, is a dental procedure used to whiten teeth from the inside, specifically those that have undergone root canal therapy. Prime Endodontics employs this method to address discoloration caused by internal factors rather than external stains, which are typically targeted by regular teeth whitening treatments. The procedure not only enhances the aesthetic appearance of teeth but can also improve the well-being of patients by refreshing the natural look of their smile without altering the tooth's external structure. Schedule a consultation with our Kirkland, WA team to learn more about how this procedure can re-brighten discolored teeth.

Intracoronal bleaching involves placing a bleaching agent inside a tooth that has previously been treated with a root canal. The process starts by sealing the tooth's root canal to prevent the bleaching agent from affecting the root. The bleaching agent, typically a form of peroxide, is then carefully applied inside the tooth in the area that was previously discolored. Over time, this agent works to remove all stains, improving esthetics and its overall appearance. The treatment may need to be repeated to achieve the desired shade.

Intracoronal bleaching is a specialized dental procedure at Prime Endodontics that offers several advantages, particularly for teeth that have become discolored following root canal treatment. This technique helps restore the natural appearance of teeth by addressing internal stains effectively and offering the following advantages:

  • Aesthetic improvement
  • Noninvasive procedure
  • Confidence booster
  • Targeted treatment
  • Quick results

I am delighted to share my experience. Dr. Cohenca performed a root canal Treatment From the moment I arrived, the care and attention provided by the entire team were outstanding. Dr. Cohenca ensured that I was comfortable and well-informed throughout the procedure. The pre-operative care was thorough, making me feel at ease and confident in the treatment plan. I highly recommend Dr. Cohenca and their practice to anyone seeking top-notch dental care. Their dedication to patient comfort and successful outcomes is truly commendable.

S.M. Google

Dr. Cohenca might look like a regular endodontist, but in reality he is a magician. Knowledgeable and personable, he created a great atmosphere. With expert hands, he delivers the best dentist experience that you can live through. The staff lives up to the expectations and the office gives you a sense of harmony. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Dr.

C.O. Yelp

I have no words enough to say how wonderful he is, very gentle, professional, is an incredible human and good heart. Simply the best in the world.!

D.C. Google

We had the greatest experience with Dr Cohenca. He explained everything ahead so clearly and kept giving details during the treatment, so my daughter felt calm and relaxed. The stuff is friendly and supportive, Loved this place, surely recommend it

I.O. Google

Entire process was quick, professional and better than expected. Thank you Dr. Cohenca and your entire team.

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Intracoronal bleaching at Prime Endodontics is an effective treatment that can transform a tooth darkened by root canal therapy, bringing it back to its natural whiteness. Our specialized team is dedicated to providing you with a comfortable and satisfying experience, ensuring your teeth not only look great but also support your overall dental health. Contact our Kirkland, WA practice today to learn more about how intracoronal bleaching can brighten your smile and boost your confidence.

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