Pediatric Endodontics

Pediatric Endodontics services offered in Kirkland, WA

Some children may need root canal therapy for their baby teeth if they have severe tooth decay. Root canal therapy helps protect the incoming adult teeth. Nestor Cohenca, DDS, FIADT, a highly skilled endodontist at Prime Endodontics in Kirkland, Washington, specializes in pediatric endodontics. To schedule a consultation for your child, call the office or use the online booking feature today.

Pediatric Endodontics Q&A

What is pediatric endodontics?

Endodontics is an area of dentistry that specializes in diagnosing and treating issues that affect the pulp, or soft tissue, in the tooth. Pediatric endodontics provides expert dental care for children in need of treatment for conditions that affect this part of the tooth.

When is pediatric endodontics needed?

Your child may need pediatric endodontics if they have severe tooth decay or other problems that affect the pulp of the tooth. Sometimes, children need root canal therapy to save their baby teeth, also called primary teeth, if they have deep decay, a serious infection, or dental trauma. 

The root canal therapy saves the baby tooth, helping to maintain the space for the adult tooth when it grows in. Getting pediatric endodontics for your child when they have their baby teeth may prevent problems in their adult teeth. 

Saving the baby tooth may also prevent the teeth from shifting and the need for extensive orthodontic care to put the teeth back in alignment. 

What services does pediatric endodontics include?

Prime Endodontics is a full-service practice with a highly skilled endodontist who provides high-quality dental care. Some of the pediatric endodontics services available include:


Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is one of the primary treatments at Prime Endodontics. During this therapy, the endodontist removes the infected pulp from the tooth, cleans the root canal, and seals it with a filling or crown. 


Root canal retreatment

When initial root canal therapy fails, your child may need root canal retreatment to support the healing process and save the tooth. Prime Endodontics provides this highly skilled treatment. 


Treatment for traumatic dental injuries

Prime Endodontics manages traumatic dental injuries, such as cracked teeth, loose teeth, and knocked-out teeth. 


What are the pediatric endodontic treatments for immature tooth injuries?

Prime Endodontics performs special procedures to save an injured immature tooth. These include:


Vital pulp therapy

Vital pulp therapy is a procedure that encourages the continued development of the child’s root end.



For injuries that expose a healthy pulp, the endodontist may recommend apexogenesis, which involves covering the pulp with medication to protect it.



When the pulp is permanently damaged, the endodontist performs apexification. For this procedure, they remove the unhealthy pulp and fill the tooth with a biocompatible material. The endodontist may then use pulp regeneration techniques to encourage pulp growth.


For expert pediatric endodontics, call Prime Endodontics or schedule an appointment online today.